Chairo Christian School Case Study

Chairo Christian School have been with Altora since late 2018. Read on to discover more about their organisation and how the Altora online induction system has benefitted them…

Chairo is a growing non-denominational Christian school, with more than 1,700 Kinder to Year 12 students attending campuses in West Gippsland, South Gippsland, the Latrobe Valley, and near Pakenham on the outskirts of Melbourne. Known for its partnership with families, caring Christian community and strong academic outcomes, Chairo prepares students thoroughly for life. While spread across multiple campuses, Chairo is one school with one mission, one vision, one governing board and one leadership team.

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Chairo’s mission is to provide excellence in Christ-centred education in partnership with families within a caring Christian community.

“Prior to the Altora system, emails had to be sent manually as a reminder for staff to complete their ongoing training.”

After spending some time researching a solution online and over the phone, Chairo settled on Altora as a cost-competitive, flexible option who took the time to listen to their needs. “We needed a system to handle multiple induction and training courses to meet the needs of different staff. For example, a teacher’s induction is different to a maintenance staff member.” Altora provides an efficient solution for this. There are no limits to the number of courses you can create to induct different types of staff on an Altora premium plan. “Further, we needed a way of keeping a record of our parent volunteers who have to complete a different induction again. Prior to the Altora online induction system, emails had to be sent manually as a reminder for staff to complete their ongoing training.” Altora makes the task of keeping up to date a doddle, as reminders will be sent to users as deadlines to renew training or paperwork approach.

To get Chairo up and running, the Altora team provided training on the system and assisted with getting things set up: “A small team of us worked through the creation of content and displaying (assigning) of that to users. Once we were comfortable with our processes, we then asked Altora to load in all teaching and non-teaching staff into the database of users. Once in, we then emailed our staff giving instructions on how to login and make use of the training/induction system.”

“Nothing seemed like a bother when we contacted the team with questions”

Once launched, the initial reaction to the easy-to-use system from both admins and workers was very positive. Chairo admins noticed an increase in the uptake for training/inductions, as well as a great reduction in the amount of time to check and follow up staff who have not completed their required courses. Throughout their experience, the support and account management teams have been “very easy to deal with. Nothing seemed like a bother when we contacted them with questions”.

 “Ease of user maintenance, flexibility of training courses that can be developed, and reporting on the status of courses/documents…”

When discussing the top three Altora features that Chairo have benefitted from, they mentioned the “ease of user maintenance, flexibility of training courses that can be developed, and the reporting on the status of courses/documents” all stood out. They list a combination of positive dealings with the staff, the cost of the system, and the effectiveness of the system as having impressed them the most. When asked if the team at Chairo would recommend Altora to their peers, the answer was a resounding “Yes”!

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