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About us

  • Our StoryAxion SD is an Australian innovative software provider for online induction, training and compliance solutions.

    Our solution - Altora, originated from a problem. Many online induction and training software products on the market fall short on the promise to deliver a tool that solves actual problems in the real world.
  • We know our product because we built it As an innovative software company, we set out to develop our own solution that would allow organisations access to a flexible and simple-to-run online induction, training and compliance system to suit the needs of any organisation.

    By keeping our development and design in-house ensures a high quality control and responsiveness to our customers.

    We believe software should be simple and logical.
  • Where we are today Today, hundreds of small, medium and corporate sized organisations from various industries rely on Altora to manage their onboarding process and training online.

    Our goal has not changed since day one - to continue to add more features and refine the experience, price the product right and help customers get the best experience for their investment. Altora is a refined solution that enables users to work smarter, quicker and easier.
  • Our MissionTo provide the best balance of cutting edge web technology and professional services and to consistently deliver real value and competitive advantage to our clients.

Join hundreds of companies relying on Altora to monitor inductions online, on-board workers and track compliance. Altora has inducted over 1 million workers successfully Australia-wide.