User expiry and completion reports

Track, monitor and report.

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Track licence expiries and completions reports

Monitor and manage validity of documents and training requirements at a glance. Identify workers with out-of-date licences or certifications, or training non-compliance.

Easy and accurate document management

  • Collect and store copies of licences, certifications and qualifications online with ease.
  • Use eSign feature to manage acceptance of worker agreements, documentation and policies and procedures.
  • Verify, approve and decline documents and licences.
  • Track expiring documentation and use auto-reminders to manage renewals.

Flexible and comprehensive reporting

  • Choose to report by User Type, Course and Status of User’s completion, or custom define Prorgrams for status checks
  • Track expiring documentation and use auto-reminders to manage renewals.
  • Export results to CSV for further analysis and report creaton.

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