Keep copies of training records

Documentary evidence collected - securely stored and tracked.

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Store copies of worker training records.

Altora enables you to easily collect, collate and store copies of workplace documents and training records. Be reassured you have the documentary evidence you need, stored securely, in your online central storage hub.

Documentation management without the ‘paperwork’.

  • Create a checklist of required training courses for different worker groups.
  • Identify workers who have outstanding training and follow up to manage compliance.
  • Capture business details, compliance documentation and rate contractor performance.

Assign and manage training programs

  • Create and assign required training and forms easily to worker groups.
  • Manage and track training completions and compliance.
  • Manage employee and worker training records across a range of industries including health care and aged care, construction, transport and logistics and more.

Online storage hub

  • Store copies of training records and manage renewals or status via the central Dashboard.
  • Manage documentation and records electronically.
  • Track and manage worker compliance with ease.

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You’re supported by a dedicated support team that is responsive and helpful to your needs. Talk to our team about how Altora can work for your business.

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