COVID-19 vaccination management

Easily manage your employee and contractor vaccination status.

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Altora offers a great solution for businesses to effectively and efficiently manage worker and contractor vaccination compliance.

Use the system to request and verify uploaded worker documents, as well as track and automate the process for documentation for vaccination doses and boosters.

It’s ideal for managing employee and worker documentation across a range of industries including health care and aged care services, construction, airlines and transport industries and more.

Collect and manage vaccination documentation

  • Collect documentary evidence
  • Collate paperwork from multiple sources
  • Record vaccination dates
  • Monitor and report on vaccination status to relevant authorities
  • Track and manage vaccinations and expiry reminders for booster vaccines

Easily manage worker compliance

  • Workers can access the system remotely, anywhere, anytime
  • Upload and supply documents with ease
  • Employers can validate, verify and track documentation
  • Record vaccination dates for each worker
  • Manage vaccinations and expiry reminders for booster vaccines

Powerful insights for tracking and reporting

  • Readily track and monitor worker vaccination status and compliance
  • Identify and manage medical exemption status and documentation
  • Gain powerful insights with the single view Dashboard
  • Centralised digital storage system to manage documents and certificates
  • Export data and results to report to relevant authorities

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You’re supported by a dedicated support team that is responsive and helpful to your needs. Talk to our team about how Altora can work for your business.

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