Using Altora to onboard new employees

Using Altora to onboard new employees.

Article by Courtney Murray – HR Manager.

The recruitment process, particularly the onboarding and induction elements, have traditionally been managed by businesses in a face-to-face, capacity. But with advancement in technology and a greater focus on remote working, remote employee onboarding systems have grown in popularity.

First impressions always count, and whilst transitioning the employee onboarding process to a digital form, may seem quite impersonal, having an easy, interactive, and efficient digital onboarding process can have the opposite effect, and ensure that your business creates an amazing first impression for your new hire.

There is no doubt that employee onboarding is one of the most critical, if not the most critical part of the recruitment process and establishing a new employee within any business, taking into consideration compliance, training, and induction process. It is a process that can certainly be time consuming and at times quite a costly process, but that’s where Altora comes in!

Altora, as an innovative, online, onboarding software, can assist in making not only a great first impression for your business, but can remove the time-consuming, monotonous aspects of the employee onboarding process. The use of Altora’s simplified and user friendly, online onboarding system is undoubtedly one of the best ways to onboard new employees.

What is Altora?

The best ideas often originate as a direct response to a problem, and that is certainly the case with Altora. Altora was developed and designed in response to the most common recruitment issue, being the lack of effective online software tools available to assist businesses with a streamlined onboarding process.

Altora provides that solution, by providing organisations with access to a flexible, simple, easy to use and operate, online induction, training, and compliance system, which can be aligned to suit the needs and requirements of any industry. Altora has rapidly become one of Australia’s leading and most trusted, boutique providers in the recruitment industry, assisting a variety of organisations across multiple industries including, logistics, manufacturing, recruitment, retail, construction, IT and construction, as well as several government departments.

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What does the onboarding process look like with Altora?

Whilst traditionally, the onboarding process involved face-to-face meetings, where employees would present to your office, and complete days of training, familiarising themselves with policies and procedures and providing copies of relevant documentation. Altora changes, this.

To commence the onboarding process using the Altora software, workers are sent a weblink to complete their induction online. This requires workers to have nothing more than an internet connection and a computer or smart phone. Employees then self-register online and complete their induction.

Employee receiving an Altora invite to complete their induction training.
New employee receiving an invite to complete their onboarding requirments.

As part of the onboarding process, they are also asked to upload evidence of any licences, qualifications, insurances, and any other relevant industry specific documents that may be required by the organisation. This is all completed at the employees’ own pace, in the comfort of their own home or a location of their choosing before they commence their role or present to a worksite.  

The Altora system allows organisations to create simple and fully customised, induction process for employees, and enables organisations to assign specific programs to workers, ensuring that all aspects of the induction process are completed. A listing screen and easy to read interface ensures that both the employee and the organisation can track progress and visualise any outstanding requirements before the employee commences their role.

One of Altora’s main goals, is to keep the onboarding process simplified and easy to use, which is why the Altora product does not operate using per-user charges and is an on-demand product.

What are the benefits? 

The benefits of the Altora system in terms of the recruitment process are considerable. Not only does it create a smooth, easy to use, and reliable platform for both the employee and the organisation, but it also assists in compliance and reporting obligations, as well as providing a safe and secure record storage facility. Other benefits of Altora include;

  • Simple and easy user self-registration
  • Ability to track completed inductions
  • Ability to track contractor licences and certifications
  • Ensures continued compliance
  • Ability to send reminder emails regarding renewals and upcoming expiration of licences and insurances
  • No clutter or spam, providing only useful correspondence to both user and organisation
  • Flexible reporting functions, which can be tailored to specific business needs
  • The ability to segment employees via specific programs
  • Ability to have quick and easy access to records

To date Altora has inducted over 1 million workers, Australia wide and assisted hundreds of organisations with simplifying their onboarding process. Our innovative, simple, and easy to use software removes the traditional and time-consuming onboarding and induction process and creates a streamlined approach with is both time and cost effective for any organisation.

Whether your organisation operates within the transport, logistics, recruitment, government, or high-volume labour industries, Altora provides a simple, easy, and cost-effective solution of onboarding your workers. Given the current climate, with a huge focus on the use of remote technologies, using Altora is undoubtedly the best and most efficient way to onboard new employees.