Top 10 Benefits of Contractor Induction System.

  1. Saves Time…and Money

A contractor induction system such as Altora can save your company countless hours on inducting workers. Where traditionally, dedicated training and compliance days would have to be scheduled, your workers can now induct themselves and complete induction courses and documentation in their own time and from anywhere. All that is required is a computer or mobile device and a connection to the internet.

  1. No Printing/Easier to keep track of paperwork

With Altora, all documentation is stored securely and in the same place. As a system administrator, you have access to check worker credentials at any time. There is no need to print off reems of licences, insurance information, course completion certificates, etc., which makes utilising Altora a greener choice in today’s environmentally conscious workplace world.

  1. Great for Running Audits and Reporting

Altora’s built-in reporting feature has helped numerous clients when it comes to running both external and internal audits. Reports are a great way to keep track of the status of particular tasks or documents for both individuals and groups of workers. If you’ve got different types of workers and/or different workplace locations, you can filter your reports to show you exactly the information you require. Want to know which contractors have completed their General Safety Course, but only those located in Perth? No problem. Reports can be triggered at any time, or alternatively they can be scheduled to run every day/week/month. Report results can be downloaded or sent directly to the email address of your choosing.

  1. Ability to Delegate Tasks and Responsibilities to other System Admins

If you’re inducting large numbers of contractors, you may want to share this responsibility with others. Altora allows you to have as many administrators as you require. With different levels of access and permissions that can be set, you also have complete control over the information that each administrator sees and the tasks that they are permitted to approve/decline.

  1. Induct Employees/Contractors before their first day of work

You don’t have to wait for a contractor to start work before inducting them. By providing them with an invite to Altora, via a weblink or by scanning a unique QR code, the worker can complete their induction course(s) and submit their documentation prior to starting the job. They can do this from their own homes or even on the go, using a mobile device. Altora ensures that your employees are ready to dive right in on their first day, rather than wasting time on paperwork.

  1. Everything is Located in the same place and is Easily Accessible

Since everything within Altora is stored under the one (digital) roof, you’ll never misplace an important document or have to waste time searching through physical files to find it. Simply log on, search the worker(s) you are looking for, and all their submitted documentation will be available to you at the click of a button.

  1. Straightforward for Worker/Contractor

Whilst the administrator dashboard within Altora is privy to a lot of information, the workers’ dashboard shows only what concerns them. It is straightforward and simple to use, even for people who may not be confident when it comes to technology. After logging in, they will see what tasks are required of them and the status of those tasks (i.e. submitted/due for renewal/expired).

  1. Provides Consistent Messaging and is good for Branding

Consistent messaging can help to improve the professionalism of your organisation. You have the ability to completely customise your Altora system to reflect your organisation’s branding. Choose a colour scheme, upload your company logo, watermark your course content and customise automatic emails sent to workers. No two Altora systems are the same, as you control exactly how it is presented.

  1. Securely store Information even on Former Employees

If a contractor no longer works for your company, there are instances where you may need to keep certain information on file. Altora has a built-in feature to make such people ‘inactive’ in the system. This means that, whilst the contractor can no longer access their version of Altora, their information is still stored securely for you to access, should you need it in the future. If the contractor returns to work at a later stage, you have the ability to make them active again.

  1. Automatic Tracking

Altora takes the hassle out of keeping track of licences, insurances and other documentation that may expire. You will no longer have to hunt down this information from your workers, as Altora handles this crucial step for you. Once a document with an expiry date is submitted to the system, Altora tracks this and will send out email notifications to the worker to remind them that a new version must be submitted. You have the ability to control the timeframe of when a worker receives these reminders – 30, 14 and/or 7 days before expiry, as well as the day it is due, if the worker has not taken action by then.

If you are interested in all the above benefits, please get in touch with the team at Altora.

Article by:
Alison Duhan

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