Free Module – Returning to the Workplace after Lifting of Covid-19 Restrictions.

Created for Australian businesses by a qualified WHS consultant.

As Australia gets back on its feet, the team at Altora aim to continue assisting businesses and their workers bounce back. After the success of our previous free to use modules (‘COVID-19’ and ‘Working from Home’), we have once again worked together with a qualified safety professional ( to create the next most requested topic; Returning to work. Like the previous modules, you are free to use the information as is, or edit the information to suit their company and processes.

This safety module is designed for you and your workers to get back to the workplace after lifting or easing of restrictions concerning COVID-19, with health, safety, wellbeing and the community in mind. Although Australia has managed to flatten the curve in keeping the numbers of active cases down, we may still face potentially difficult times with COVID-19 re-emerging, until a vaccine is developed. Therefore, we have developed this information to assist with workplace transition from restrictions put in place by the Australian Federal Government, and individual State & Territory Regulatory Authorities for Health & Safety.

This ‘Returning to the Workplacesafety module includes:

  1. Safety on Public Transport
  2. Staying Home if you are Sick
  3. Symptoms of COVID-19
  4. Physical Distancing, Personal Hygiene and Hand Sanitising
  5. Wellbeing and Mental Health
  6. Summary
  7. COVID-19 Important Links and Phone Numbers for Australian Workplace Health and Safety

See some sample content below:

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Physical Distancing, Personal Hygiene and Hand Sanitising

Bathrooms and shower rooms will also be subject to physical distancing at handbasins, and sections of urinals
may be cordoned off for your protection where required.

  • Please use paper towels or supplied sanitiser or wipes to turn on taps and open doors and wipe down after use.
  • Use soap and hand sanitiser at all times.

Work Meetings may be held online if it is not possible to maintain physical distancing.

  • If a physical meeting is necessary such as with Toolbox Talks, you must ensure you are 1.5 metres from people nearby to prevent possible transmission.
  • In Office Meeting Rooms, every second seat may be removed to ensure this distancing is maintained.

Safety on Public Transport

It is required that if you need to use public transport for work, to exercise the cautions for physical distancing; stay at least 1.5 metres from another person, practice good hand, face, sneeze and cough hygiene; use your bent elbow to cover sneezing or coughing, use a tissue and dispose of them properly in waste bins.