Enable WA has enhanced their recruitment process with Altora

Enable WA Case Study

Enable is a not-for-profit organisation that has been providing support to people living with disabilities for the past 30 years. They are committed to working alongside their clients to help them overcome societal barriers and achieve their individual goals. Western Australia’s Enable division has been a client of Altora since 2015. We spoke with Celeste Dumitrascu, Human Resource Co-ordinator at Enable WA, about why they sought Altora to assist with their organisation’s reach and growth, as well as how it could enhance your company’s recruitment process.

Currently, Enable WA’s total workforce consists of 297 direct care support workers and 45 internal staff members. It is a requirement of Enable that all support workers be adequately trained and prepared for their support role prior to commencing their first shift of work. Through ensuring that support workers complete the training prior to commencing shifts, Enable can comply to its stringent quality assurance standards. As much of the Enable team are located in different areas extended across the south west of WA, the sheer geographical spread of the workforce “has made the presentation of a central induction day session problematic”, Celeste explains. They came to the realisation that their previous one-day induction format for new support workers had “proven to be cost ineffective and inconsistent in information delivery”.

“The process was very simple. We just needed to provide our course content and Altora did the rest.”

Celeste describes the benefit and purpose of Altora for Enable WA as twofold. She explains that “it will provide all the required information prior to commencing a shift and it will act as a pre-employment screening tool for Enable to ensure that those wanting to do the role of support worker are actually aware of what that means.” By switching to an Altora online induction program, Enable has been able to “implement a recruitment practice aimed at identifying ‘core competencies’ in potential support workers and ensure that new support workers receive person centred values training aligned to Enable’s values. The program therefore acts as a testing mechanism for individuals to identify if they have adequate values-alignment to Enable.”

Essential Criteria that made Altora the right choice
Monthly Cost
Initial Set-up Cost
Phone Support
Potential to provide additional training courses
Possibility to upload files in-house
Induction Certifcate provided
Hosted in Australia
Ability to re-induct
Unlimited users allowed

Enable WA opted for a course set up package, whereby the Altora team took over the responsibility of structuring their content within the system, ensuring they were up and running as quick as possible. Celeste says that Altora was “priced very competitively and the process was very simple. We just needed to provide our course content and Altora did the rest. We also appreciate how promptly all requests are attended to.”

“Altora has improved the Recruitment Process of Enable as well as our Quality Assurance process.”

Since being implemented, Altora has “improved the Recruitment Process of Enable as well as our Quality Assurance process”, adds Celeste. By ensuring that applicants have completed the online induction course prior to being employed, Enable’s HR department can ensure that applicants have comprehensive knowledge about Enable’s culture, the organisation’s expectations of them, the conduct expected of them and the company values. “The online induction course acts as a screening tool to ensure that applicants are aware of what the support worker role entails.  Should the applicant find that the role is not aligned to their needs or expectations, Enable has not invested any additional recruitment costs, thereby reducing the costs of employing a bad ‘fit’ to the organisation.”

“Enable has experienced Altora to be professional, competent and helpful. No request was too big or too small for Altora.”

Enable WA utilises Altora to enhance the organisation's recruitment process for its support workers.

Celeste notes that recruitment costs for Enable have reduced by 55% since implementation of the program. In addition to this, HR saves approximately 3 hours per month, whilst managers save approximately 4 hours in time, coordinators save 3.5 hours’ time and the CEO saves one hour of time per month. “All new support worker employees now complete induction in 2 hours instead of the previous seven-hour time frame. Five hours are saved per support worker.”  Multiplying these savings with the on average twenty new support workers per month that Enable takes on, it’s easy to see just how beneficial Altora has been for this non-profit.

Celeste assures us that Enable will recommend the Altora service to similar organisations, as the system has simplified the entire process making it easy for Enable to implement an online Induction program. “Enable has experienced Altora to be professional, competent and helpful. No request was too big or too small for Altora. All responses are given in an efficient and timely manner.”

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