Contractor Prequalification Questionnaire and contractor insurance

Developing a Contractor Prequalification Questionnaire

Streamline your onboarding process

One of the biggest challenges for any business engaging contractors is managing the endless paperwork, verifying compliance documentation, and ensuring licences and certifications remain current.

An online Contractor Management System with prequalification can help to streamline the contractor onboarding process, reduce the time taken to prequalify contractors, validate certifications, and automate licence renewals.

What is Contractor Prequalification?

Prequalifying contractors is a pre-approval process that enables contractors to submit their business details, licences and certifications, insurance documentation and risk management policies and procedures before being engaged in a workplace or worksite.

The contractor prequalification process enables you, as the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU or employer), to assess whether a contractor meets your own workplace requirements while also ensuring they’re compliant with any relevant laws and regulations for the profession or industry.

Developing your Contractor Prequalification Questionnaire

A Contractor Prequalification Questionnaire can help you to ask the right questions and solicit the appropriate documentation from prospective contractors before they step on site.

Information can include:

  • Company details
  • Financial status, including GST registration
  • Details of insurance cover and value – e.g. public liability, professional indemnity
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment documentation or Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Tools, plant and equipment – registrations, insurances, licences
  • Quality assurance policies and procedures
  • Environmental management policy
  • Competencies related to the role or worksite

Online prequalification with Altora’s Contractor Management System

Altora Online Induction, Employee Onboarding, Contractor Prequalification Questionnaire

You can streamline your onboarding process and reduce the time taken to prequalify contractors online with Altora’s Contractor Management System.

Upload your Contractor Prequalification Questionnaire and send prospective workers a secure web link to self-register online, complete the questionnaire and upload evidence of relevant licences, certifications and qualifications.

You can review and verify contractor documentation, assess compliance with an easy to view dashboard, and set up an automated renewal reminders for expiring documentation. Plus everything is saved online in a central storage hub for easy access.

It enables you to monitor and validate contractor compliance in real-time, backed up by powerful insights and reporting, giving you reassurance you are managing your workplace compliance efficiently.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Benefits of a Contractor Induction System.

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