Village Roadshow online induction and employee onboarding

Altora Case Study: Village Roadshow

Online induction software and worker onboarding

Village Roadshow Theme Parks were looking for an online induction software to support their employee onboarding. As Australia’s largest theme park operator, collectively Village Roadshow theme parks welcome around five million guests each year and operates multiple business operations including:

  • Warner Bros. Movie World
  • Sea World
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Gold Coast
  • Australian Outback Spectacular
  • Paradise Country
  • Sea World Resort & Water Park
  • Village Roadshow Studios, and
  • Topgolf Gold Coast.

The opportunity

Village Roadshow - Online Induction and employee onboarding

Village Roadshow needed an online induction system that was flexible and easy to update.

It had to work with their access control system across multiple properties, be suitable for different contractor roles, and be relatively “hands-free”. It was important that it didn’t require a full-time administrator to manage the system.

Previously, the team at Village Roadshow had been completing face-to-face inductions using a mix of video and paper-based documentation. This was labour-intensive, and sometimes the inductions or paperwork were misplaced.

What’s more, training videos were old and outdated and didn’t account for the diverse nature of the different sites.

The solution

Village Roadshow researched several options but discounted those that required an administrator to set up usernames, and those that charged a user cost for each induction.

When team members visited the Gold Coast Convention Centre and were introduced to their Altora system, they realised they’d stumbled across the perfect solution for their business.

The result

Village Roadshow decided to implement Altora’s Safety Induction Software for a few reasons: it’s easy for contractors to use, it’s simple to make changes, it’s cost-effective, and it integrates with their existing Sine visitor management system.

Now, contractors can access a link on the main website from any location. It’s quick and easy for them to complete their induction. They can do this when they arrive on-site using dedicated sign-in kiosks, or beforehand from a mobile phone.

Village Roadshow estimate that moving inductions online, rather than conducting them face-to-face, saved over 1,000 hours in the first year of implementation.

“…the ease of implementation was great… and the built-in reporting tools are fantastic”

“As with any change, there was some reluctance by the nominated department admins – they didn’t want to learn another system, which usually means more work. But this attitude quickly turned around when they discovered how simple the system was to use.

Altora Online Induction and Employee Onboarding

They also realised how much time they would save from not running face-to-face inductions.

Another benefit we didn’t expect is that the system is much more robust. During implementation, we found a number of contractors who had slipped through the cracks, with no valid induction paperwork!

This risk has been eliminated with the Altora system, as contractors can no longer gain access to site without a current induction.

Working with Altora’s Online Induction software

Matt from Village Roadshow describes the implementation as “rapid and successful”. This largely comes down to being able to email or call and “speak with a person who has direct knowledge of the product”.

The few issues they experienced were “resolved on the spot with fantastic support”. Matt says it was “great to deal with the support and account management team. They are so immersed in the product and so eager to help”.

He would “absolutely” recommend Altora and is most impressed with how little intervention it takes to manage thousands of contractors across multiple sites.

“The ease of implementation was great. Ongoing maintenance of contractors is very easy, and the built-in reporting tools are fantastic”.

Matt, Village Roadshow

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