Altora Case Study: Aurelia Metals Ltd

Onboarding, inductions, and compliance

Aurelia Metals Ltd is an Australian mining and exploration company with a highly strategic landholding and three operating gold mines including the Peak and Hera Mines in the Cobar Basin and the Dargues Mine in southeastern NSW. Aurelia Metals’ vision is to be recognised as creating exceptional value through their people and portfolio of gold and base metal assets. They value integrity, certainty, courage and performance benefitting the safety and wellbeing of their people as well as their shareholders and the communities in which they operate.

The opportunity

Aurelia Metals needed an easy-to-use onboarding and contractor management solution to support their thousands of workers across their mines in NSW in line with their company values. They also needed a system that was cost-effective and could be handled by multiple administrators as Aurelia Metals is constantly hiring and managing contractors who work in their mines.

The solution

Altora offers a system for both induction and contractor management that is simple to use and allows for an unlimited number of users at no additional cost. Altora also focuses on worker safety and compliance which helped Aurelia Metals stay true to their values of integrity, certainty, courage and performance for their people’s safety and wellbeing.

The result

Aurelia Metals is happy with the Altora system and currently has over 7000 workers and 15 administrators across two platforms  – one for worker inductions and the other for contractor management. Aurelia Metals are able to onboard countless contractors every year with ease and manage any turnover or other worker changes.

Aurelia Metals found Altora to be easy to use and cost-effective for the number of users they’re required to manage as a mining business across NSW. They also found Altora Support to be incredibly helpful and quick to respond which made Altora stand out.

“We have recommended it to others as it’s so easy to use and very effective.”

“The system is very cost-effective and easy to use. Personally, I’ve mainly dealt with support but it’s the best support team I’ve ever come across. The responses are super quick and very detailed and it’s what really has won me over.

Altora works well for new users and it’s easy. It’s really good for small companies and it’s the easiest system I’ve come across.”

Shayne Daniels
Senior Training Advisor
Aurelia Metals Ltd

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