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Altora Online Induction System

Your workers can register online and complete induction prior to arriving on site. Quiz understanding of training with assessments, store worker records in one location, get insights with powerful reporting. Altora reminds your workers of renewals as well.


Worker self-register and assign relevant tasks to complete induction

Altora takes it a further step and enables workers to register themselves to begin their induction. For induction refreshers or renewals, workers can sign-in with existing accounts.

Altora's intuitive self-guided induction system ensures your workers are completing only the relevant tasks needed for their induction.

Request upload of documentary evidence such as licenses and certification.

Process of online induction

  • Send workers an induction landing page URLThis unique web address is for your workers to access their online induction. Place this on your company website, induction packs or include them in an email.
  • Easy to follow chained tasklistSet workers onto a continuous path to complete training or induction courses online; request uploading of documents; get reading proof of policies with Altora's e-signature acknowledgement.
  • Assess reading comprehensionAssessments are in the form of multiple choice questions, attempts and results are collected and stored for your records.
  • Printable certificatesIssued to workers upon completion of courses. A 'Statement of Completion' PDF is emailed to workers and accessable by administrators anytime after.

Track results & monitor induction online

Monitoring inductions is quick and simple with Altora - a central hub with all your records of inductions.

  • Approve/decline document verificationDecline and force resubmission for incorrectly uploaded documents; Approve submissions and store away.
  • Powerful real-time reporting toolsBirds-eye-view of all assigned tasks and their current status. See into the future for expiring records. Export reports into CSV if needed. Completed induction logs are viewable in real-time, immediately after user completion.
  • Worker profile at a glanceAll-in-one view of completed courses, document submissions, acknowledgements and fill-in forms.

User groups and categorisation

A user group is known as a 'program' in Altora.

Programs are a bundle of tasks consisting of different tasks types: courses, documents, acknowledgements and forms.

Programs are assigned to workers which in effect, presents a simple to follow task-lists onscreen for your workers to complete their allocated induction correctly.

This is what makes Altora different to other induction systems - we ensure the online induction process is straight forward for you and your workers.

Customise and brand it as your own

It's your system - insert your company logo, apply a colour scheme to suit - keeping your induction system inline with your own branding.

As standard, you receive a white labeled platform including a dedicated website link.

For setup and configuration, you can easily adapt an existing induction process with Altora.

Join hundreds of companies relying on Altora to monitor inductions online, on-board workers and track compliance. Altora has inducted over 1 million workers successfully Australia-wide.