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Document Tracking & Verification

To ensure your compliance obligations are met, request and verify uploaded worker documents.
Don’t get caught out with expired licenses and insurances of workers onsite.


Collect, manage and report on vaccination documentation for workers with ease

Altora offers a great solution for businesses to effectively and efficiently manage worker and contractor vaccination compliance.

Use the system to request and verify uploaded worker documents, as well as track and automate the process for documentation for vaccination doses and boosters.

It’s ideal for managing employee and worker documentation across a range of industries including health care and aged care services, construction, airlines and transport industries and more.

Collect and manage vaccination documentation

  • Collect documentary evidence
  • Collate paperwork from multiple sources
  • Record vaccination dates
  • Monitor and report on vaccination status to relevant authorities
  • Track and manage vaccinations and expiry reminders for booster vaccines

Request licenses, insurances and qualifications from contractors

Create and request any type of contractor documents that your business needs. Altora keeps you up-to-date with what is expiring or no longer valid. Run reports based on User type or program to obtain a quick status check. Altora stores digital copies for your compliance needs.

Simple document verification process

Do you need to approve your Workers compliance documents for validity? Apply document verification rules to any uploaded User documents if needed. Verifying is a breeze and straight forward – decline or request for resubmission otherwise approve and records are saved in the User profile for you to view anytime. Expiry date tracking starts immediately.

As an Administrator, ‘My Tasks’ lists any documents waiting approval from your Users, select Approve or Decline the documents.

  • ApproveIf you are happy with the document waiting for approval, simply click on Approve and the document is saved on the User’s record for future reference.
  • DeclineIf the document is not correct or the currency of the document is not valid, simply Decline and send a new request to the User to fix the problem.

Providing you with a 360 degree view of the status of Users and their submitted licenses, insurances and certificates. No more manual excel spreadsheets to track and maintain.

Track compliance - expiring insurances or policies are tracked and users notified

With Altora’s Dashboard providing complete visibility, don’t get caught out with workers onsite who’s licenses or insurances have expired leaving your business exposed.

Altora’s core notification feature sends emails to users alerting them of expiring certificates well before the expiry date. Your Dashboard shows a quick snapshot of upcoming document expiries.

Assign required training, forms and documentary evidence with Programs

Programs are best utilised by grouping sets of tasks into a common or generic categorisation, eg. ‘Employee Onboarding’, ‘High-risk Contractor’, ‘First aid training’, etc.

Registered users can be assigned to multiple programs that have relevance to their work tasks. Finally, a clean and clever way to manage compliance.

Join hundreds of companies relying on Altora to monitor inductions online, on-board workers and track compliance. Altora has inducted over 1 million workers successfully Australia-wide.