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Course Editor 24/7 access

Have complete control and author your course content anytime you wish.
Use our generic demonstration modules if you need some guidance. Saving you time and unnecessary fees.


Build your own courses, unlimited slides

Build your courses with your own content using the time saving course editor – company policies can be created and clicked in to whichever courses you choose, saving you time from duplication.

  • PowerPoint-like slides with video/audio capabilityCreate easy to use slides to add content and media by simply copying and pasting or attaching media files.
  • Legal disclaimer template for User complianceUse our Disclaimer templates for Users to click “I Agree” before moving on through the course.
  • Add downloadable documents to your slidesAdd documents into slides for Users to download and review.

Build assessments and test

Create multiple choice Q&A to assess users’ knowledge. Incorrect responses can result in Users reviewing relevant slides again before another attempt at the question. User report shows number of attempts and incorrect answers chosen during Q&A.

Set your own course properties

Choose how long inductions are valid for (12 months, 24 months, etc.). Certificates are issued and auto notification for expiries are based on the date parameters you set.

Join hundreds of companies relying on Altora to monitor inductions online, on-board workers and track compliance. Altora has inducted over 1 million workers successfully Australia-wide.