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Contractor Management

Ensure hired contractors have up-to-date insurances before they carry out any work on your premises.


Collect, manage, renew contractor documents

If you use third party companies or subcontractors and require valid certifications from them, Altora will alleviate the headaches associated with keeping track of it all.

Ensure contractor registrations, licenses and insurances are current and verified

Register and verify companies with Altora's built-in ABN lookup tool

Verify uploaded contractor documents and approve/decline as needed - keeping your records precise and accurate.

Store SWMS and JSA's and easily manage them online

While contractors are providing relevant insurances, request for relevant SWMS and JSA's also.

If an incident occurs or new hazards are identified, you can easily invalidate existing SWMS and JSA's and request for resubmission - minimise paperwork, lengthy processes and also, Altora archives historic records for you.

Contractor self-managed accounts

Invite contractors to login and upload relevant insurances so you don't have to manage all this yourself.

Build a checklist for each contractor to request for relevant documentation only.

Automatic Reminders and Reporting

We send reminders before insurances expire. Contractors are notified saving you time and avoiding non-compliance.

Simple to use reporting tools with an overhead view of contractors and their compliance status.

Add-on pricing

The Contractor Management module is an add-on to Altora's base subscription.
For more information, click on pricing below or contact our sales team on (03) 9329 7130.


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